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10/52 Gyrator                                                  10/52 Venus
8/52 Mars                                                        6/50 Little Missile
6/52 Nobler (Original Version)                          2/50 Stunt Streak
4/52 Hotter 'N' That                                         12/48 Flip Flop
3/52 El Diablo                                                  6/48 Defender
10/51 Ringmaster                                             6/48 Super Looper
5/51 Snappy Stuff                                             2/52 Yankee Clipper
4/51 Wee Duper Zilch                                       12/49 F.M. Stunt Trainer
8/50 Flapjack  
5/50 Curtis Swift                                               Cal Smith On Model                                                                                  Building 
8/49 Ginger Snap  
12/48 Fury Screwball Fawcett '52 - Frisky Pete
3/48 Hot Rock Fawcett "52 - Swee' Pea
1/52 Travel Air  

 Air Trails Handbook for Model Builders

12/52 Lethal Lucy                                             (Fawcett '50) - Stunt                                                                                     King
8/52 Smoothy                                                    (Fawcett '50) - Swee' Pea
5/52 Galloping Comedian
4/52 Stuka
2/52 Combateer
7/51 Stunt Rocket                                              Air World
1/51 International Stunt Winner
8/50 Loopy                                                        11/47 Dragon 50"
5/50 Guided Whistle
1/50 Zippy
12/49 Triumphant
10/49 Tipsy Junior
9/48 Tucker "903"
4/48 Upstart
'53 Annual Double Whammy
'51 Annual Easy
4/47 Checkala Roma

Old Time Combat Reunion and 75 mph Speed Limit Combat October 14-15, 2017. 
Sponsored by The Tulsa Gluedobbers Controline Club - Sanction 671

                                                                     CD: De Hill AMA 1672
                                                           Co-CD: Arlene Pyles AMA 1004132

October 14, Saturday
Combat Reunion Event Director: De Hill
Registration and test flights: 8 am - 10 -am

Contestants will be asked to supply Airplane type and engine type and displacement. Airplane must be weighed to determine amount of pull test.
Scales are available on site. Line size is .018 x 60 feet plus or minus 6 inches.   Length of the control system is measured from the center point of the grip on the control handle to the center point of the model.
Engines must be maximum of .36 cu/in displacement and Single Bypass. Any combat airplane 1945-1974 is allowed.

Awards: Best original Combat ship- Contestant's choice
Best replica combat ship - Contestant's choice
10-12am: Speed event: Hand signal, 7 level laps timed at 6 feet or less.
12 am: Noon meal served on site.
1-3 pm: Old Time combat.

1. Any engine allowed, maximum of .36 cu/in displacement, single bypass only.
2. Any Combat Airplane allowed from 1945 - 1974.
3. Lines: .018" diameter and 60 feet long + or - 6 inches.   Length of the control system is measured
    from the center point of the grip on the control handle to the center point of the model.

4. Combat begins at the signal from the Circle Marshall after both planes are launched and are 180               degrees apart.  This happens every time a plane is launched.
5. One point will be given for each second of air time.
6. 60 points per cut will be given.
7. A Kill wins the Match.

October 15, Sunday
Event Director: Arlene Pyles  
Start time: 9 am.

75 mph Speed Limit Combat Rules:

1. Any plane, Any Engine.
2. 7.3 seconds minimum for 2 laps.
3. Lines; .018" x 60 feet, + or - 6 inches.  Length of the control system is measured from the center
    point of the grip on the control handle to the center point of the model.

12 noon: Meal will be served on site.

Combat Contacts: Randy Dailey - 580-716-5532 or De Hill -918-743-4912

Oklahoma Stunt Championships Sept. 23 and 24, 2017

C D: De Hill 918-743-4912 , email dfhill@juno.com
Co-CD : Lee Thiel, 918-691-2717 email : fox4now@aol.com

Entry Fee: $10.00 for first event, $5.00 for each additional.

Saturday September 23: Pilots Meeting at 8:30 am, First Flight at 9 am. No BOM Saturday.
Old Time Stunt :OTS plus Rules. 
Classic / N30 Stunt
Profile Unlimited Stunt ( Any size engine)
Saturday special awards: Spirit of '52 - Spirit of '64.
Food will be available at the field.

Sunday, September 24: pilot's meeting at 8:30am.
AMA Precision Aerobatics: Beginner J-SO, Intermediate JSO, Advanced JSO, Expert JSO.
Food will be available at the field - Exremely Large Merchandise Raffle.
Sunday special Awards: Charles Ash Sportsmanship Award - KK McClure Most Fun Award - Concours - Pachyderm

The flying site is located 4 miles east of Catoosa, Oklahoma on the North side of Interstate 412. Take the 265th East Ave, exit off of 412 going north and go to the stop sign. Turn left and go 1/4 of a mile. Reeves field is on the north side of the road in between a RED roof and a GREEN roof. There are three grass flying circles, and RV parking is available (no hookups) For Additional Information See Our Website at tulsacl.com 

Marvin Denny's BOM Rules: Bought, Borrowed, Stolen; 0 points. ARF- 1-10 points. Kit/ Scratch built - 10 - 20 points.

OTS Plus bonus points: Ignition engine=30  Baffle engine=20  Schneurle engine=10  Electric Motor=0.