The Tulsa Gluedobbers  Control Line Club was established in the 1940's by two brothers from Okmulgee when they moved to Tulsa to work for Douglas Aircraft.  It was initially a free flight club, but soon added control line and later radio control.  It has since split into three seperate clubs, two of which kept the name "Gluedobbers",  the RC Tulsa Gluedobbers and the Control Line Tulsa Glue Dobbers. The control line club was incorporated in August of 2006.

For those of you wondering what a  Gluedobber is, in Oklahoma during the summer time we have a wasp that we call a Mud Dobber,  they build their nest by dobbing mud around their larve.  So we call ourselves the Gluedobbers, after a flying insect that dobs mud on its young, not because some of us sniffed glue when we were young.
In our early years George Aldridge and Bill Netzeband were members of the Tulsa Gluedobbers..

We meet on the first Thursday of every month. During good weather, we meet early at the field and get in some flying before the meeting, which is held in our on field club house.

We have an annual club membership fee of $100.00 per family and  require AMA membership. A discount is available for out of area memberships.  $15.00  yearly for for those living in excess of 40 miles from Reeves Field.   You can obtain membership information from any of our members. 
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