How to run a Saito 56/62/72 in Reverse
By Bob Reeves
Martin Quartim from Brazil started this by posting a thread on Stunt Hanger with links and part numbers for Saito reverse cam gears and reverse pitch props, this is a link to the original thread. "How to Run Saito 62 and 72 in reverse (Clockwise)"
Below are the links Martin posted in the Stunt Hanger thread for Reverse Cam Gears and a few Reverse pitch props.
Saito 62/72 Reverse Cam gear   Saito 56 Reverse Cam Gear   JFX 13-6 CW Prop   JFX 14-6 CW Prop

If you ever fly a stunt ship with a reverse rotating engine you will immediately see why all the guys that are flying electrics are running them in reverse with pusher props. 4 Stroke engine runs are what the electrics are trying to emulate and in my opinion a reverse running Saito is still one step ahead of the electrics. I have installed Reverse Cam gears in several Saitos and thought a How-To might be in order plus a few notes on what I found worked and what didn't.

Start by gathering up the tools that came with your engine, a new Cam Gear and of course the engine.
Remove the Glow Plug, Valve covers, Carb, Back plate and Cylinder head. You should have Alan wrenches in the kit that fits everything. Also a ball end 2.5mm Alan driver will come in handy when you are setting the cam timing.
Remove the Cam Gear Housing and use a small Alan wrench to loosen the Set Screw that holds the Cam Gear Shaft in the Housing. It doesn't need to be completely removed but needs to be backed off several turns.
First try to push the Cam gear Shaft out using one of the Alan wrenches. If it resists you can use a small hammer and brass punch with a bench block to gently persuade it to move.
When the Shaft is removed look for and be careful not to loose the two Spacers that are on each end of the Cam Gear. They may just fall out or they may still be in the housing. Also if the engine is fairly new the Lifters will probably fall out of the Housing when you turn it upside down to remove the Cam Gear.
We can now go ahead and install the new Cam Gear. Insert the Gear Shaft from the rear and place one of the Spacers on the inside of the Housing with the Shaft in just far enough to hold it in place. If you push the Shaft in too far you will not be able to insert the Cam Gear
Insert the Cam Gear and start the Shaft in the gear but don't try to push it all the way just yet. Sorry about the out of focus photo... Place the other Spacer on the gear as shown and gently push it into position. I use one of the Alan wrenches to move it around.
You won't be able to push the spacer all the way in from the outside but you should be able to get it in far enough and lined up enough that you can then use the Alan wrench inserted in the Shaft hole to center the spacer. Just  wiggle it around till you can press the shaft all the way in.
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